Who we are:
Mariachi Education for Tradition & Advancement (M.E.T.A.) is a non-profit organization that provides music education in the tradition of Mariachi to youth. The Mariachi music education will serve as the vehicle to teach our youth about teamwork, leadership, discipline, goal setting and self-esteem; in a safe and enriching environment, culminating in advancement through higher education. M.E.T.A. builds upon the foundation established via Mariachi music education by providing our youth with valuable information regarding higher education.

Our Curriculum:
M.E.T.A.’s curriculum consists of teaching students by experienced and professional Mariachi instructors who, not only instruct the students; but also share their talent, enthusiasm, and dedication to the preservation and enjoyment of traditional cultural music. Our instructors provide lessons in the basic instruments of Mariachi; violin, guitar, guitarron, vihuela and trumpet, as well as a repertoire of traditional Mariachi songs.

Through M.E.T.A. students are able to:

Understand the history and tradition of Mariachi music
Grow in their abilities as musicians individually and as members of a group
Improve critical thinking, listening and study skills
Cultivate positive self-esteem and interpersonal skills
Develop a life-long appreciation and interest in music
Provide a foundation of success that students can build on in their areas of life including education.

Furthermore, M.E.T.A. instructs students on proper Mariachi musical styles for each instrument; exploring different regional music from Mexico that are commonly played by Mariachis, such as: rancheras, boleros, polkas, huapangos, sones jaliscienses, and jarabes.

The program is structured for both beginning students with no previous experience and for intermediate students that have some musical knowledge of a traditional Mariachi instrument. Like any other type of music genre, mariachi is meant for all ages and ethnicities; therefore this program encourages people, ages seven and up, from all cultural backgrounds to partake in this exciting program.